Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rod Building 101...

Good Friend Brian has recently aquired a high end job...

Rumor has it, the rod maybe used in some national & international competitions...

Here's his plan to begin...and you can bet we'll be following with great interest on a regular basis...

I plan on taking several photo's of all my builds from here on out.
1) raw materials
2) assembly of cork/handle
3) turning of cork
4) mounting handle to blank
5) installation of winding check
6) buttwrap & hook keeper
7) tying on guides & tiptop
8) applying finish

Something along those lines is my plan at the moment...

The rod is going to be a Rainshadow IF1005 (10' 2pc 5wt Med/Fast 1.7oz)

He wants a 9" Western style grip on it with the some trim bands marking 7-7/8". I'm going to cut an aluminum trimband and put it between two 1/8" pieces of burnt cork. He's getting TiChrome hardware, single foot guides, Batson RA8 reel seat with a Tahitian Jadewood insert in it - to match the Olympic Green blank.Wraps will be dark brown and matte silver metallic. For labels he wants Way Wicked Rods and his name... nothing else

You can bet we're very interested in the making of the rod...stay tuned for more updates...

1 comment:

SumpinWong said...

Thanks Andrew for posting this for me.

I will be sure to keep you and the fellow readers as up-to-date as possible once this build starts.

I am working on a couple of 13 foot float rods at the moment, and should be able to send in some photo's of those soon as well.

Merry Christmas to you all,