Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Update

Well, we’re getting back to those slow weeks again…between the short days, and the holiday/travel preparations, there wasn’t much time in the cards this week. I did manage a few hours on a quickly dropping river on Saturday, but didn’t see a single fish. The stream was lower and clearer then I would’ve preferred, but it was nice to get out and pound a few holes before dark.

With the rains this week, I figured a fresh push of fish would’ve been kicking around…I’m sure they’re there…just we’re interested in my offerings…

Warm temps should disappear this week, and then it’s really time for the games to begin.

Traveling back home this weekend for turkey, which means we’ll be flinging dry flies for some trout back home!

This camera outage is really starting to blow…hopefully we get some good news this week…

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