Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boz Gets Some Press Time...

While Boz continues his annual summer tradition of showing sports around Maine's fabled North Woods, we figured we'd share a little article he was featured it...
written in a little known publication...

Perhaps you've heard of it???

Field and Stream?

Yeah...here's an excerpt:

We were beaching the raft on Salmon Point, on the West Branch of the Penobscot River, with the evening bite warming up and rising fish stippling the water as if pebbles were dribbling down from heaven. 

A couple of old-timers motoring by in a square-stern canoe asked where we were headed.

'On down a bit,' guide Greg Bostater replied. 'Through the falls to Abol Bridge.'

'You’re kidding us,' snorted one plaid-clad man. 'What, you have a death wish or something?'

'Those falls aren’t that bad,' Bostater called back, laughing.

He fixed me with a motherly look. 'Really, they’re not.'" 

Honestly a great piece of writing that not only illustrates Boz's knowledge, but his uncanny ability to find fish, and determination to get them on your line!

Article is in the July 2010 article of Field and Stream (T . EDWARD NICKENS). Make sure to pick up a copy, and also keep checking the Maine River Guides website for updated pictures, reports, and to find out how to book a trip with Boz.


Yes, he even guides dogs too!

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Shoreman said...

I'm keeping track of the dogs. Current count is now:
Trout Dogs - 2
Striper dogs - 1
Bog Monster Dog - 1