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2009 Fishing Industry Information

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The Top items purchased within the fishing industry in 2009

The top brands from 2009 were:

-Top rod brand: Shakespeare Ugly Stik (16.4% of all purchases)
-Top reel brand: Shimano (23.0% of all purchases)
-Top rod and reel combo brand: Shakespeare (25.7% of all purchases)
-Top fishing line producer: Pure Fishing’s Berkley line (Trilene, Fireline, Big Game, Vanish) (42.6% of all purchases)
-Top hard bait brand: Rapala (30.6% of all purchases)
-Top soft bait brand: Zoom (16.8% of all purchases)
-Top spinner bait brand: Strike King (16.6% of all purchases)
-Top hook brand: Eagle Claw (34.5% of all purchases)
-Top sinker brand: Bullet Weight (19.0% of all purchases)
-Top fly rod brand: Sage (16.7% of all purchases)
-Top fly reels brand: Orvis (11.1% of all purchases)
-Top fly combo brand: St. Croix (18.0% of all purchases)
-Top fly line brand: Scientific Angler (28.8% of all purchases)
-Top fly brand: Orvis and Cabelas tied (11.0% of all purchases, each)
-Top fly leader brand: Rio (28.4% of all purchases)
-Top fly tying material brand: White River (60.5% of all purchases)
-Top fish finder or sonar brand: Humminbird (42.9% of all purchases)
-Top tackle box brand: Plano (55.8% of all purchases)
-Top landing net brand: Frabill (20.2% of all purchases)
-Top fishing knife brand: Rapala (22.6% of all purchases)

Facts and figures:

-Close to 48 percent of all fishing tackle purchases involve terminal tackle (hooks, sinkers, swivels).

-Largemouth bass remain the number one targeted species of freshwater fish, with nearly 60 percent of all fishing activity targeting largemouth bass.

-Saltwater anglers were more varied, with 25 percent of trips targeting any fish that bites, followed by striped bass (23%), flounder (21%), red drum (20%) and seatrout (20%). (Note that these refer to species targeted on trips and not the number of fish actually caught.)


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***Information compiled from www.anglerssurvey.com. Information from this site is fed to Southwick Associates. They collect the data to form the above information yearly. Check them out for more reports and information on the fishing industry...

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