Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Interesting Article -

Would love to try it sometime with a fly rod...

"Apparently, it never occurred to the authorities that someone might be crazy enough to want to catch a bluefin while sitting in what amounts to a floating plastic chair and enjoying what Melville called a 'Nantucket sleigh ride.'"

"When Lamoureux first showed up in their fishing grounds, commercial tuna fishermen figured he was lost or in distress. Now he has befriended several of them, and he will turn over a fish too big for him to manage. In August he reluctantly did this with a bluefin that eventually escaped but that on the fishing boat’s sonar looked to be about 800 pounds.

'That just broke my spirit,' he said. 'They told me, ‘That fish is so big, it doesn’t even know you’re here.’"

FULL ARTICLE - nytimes

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