Thursday, November 19, 2009

Declining Salmon in Canada

From the Minnesota Post (Sandro Contenta):

"The crisis isn't restricted to the Fraser River. The fishing of wild salmon is a $185 million a year industry in British Columbia. But salmon catch along B.C.'s coast fell from 30,000 tons in 1998 to 5,000 tons last year. Commercial fishing is under threat. Worst off are native populations, who depend on salmon fishing for the little income they make."

"So what is happening? Some scientists suspect salmon farms are infesting smolts with sea lice. Salmon in these farms are packed in pens, creating a breeding environment for the parasites. The lice then cling to passing young salmon and burrow through their skin, consuming muscle and blood. In some coastal areas of B.C., sea lice are responsible for killing 80 percent of young salmon, the Sukuzi foundation estimates."


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