Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekends Abound...

Well, with another week of travel planned, the mid week stuff is getting kind of shot. However, when I am in Maine, I’m trying to take advantage of the great events and activities around.

Friday we made it out to the Drake Film Show and had a great time with some friends watching the films. I’m sure some of you have seen the trailer for it, but WOW! Talk about an adventure of a lifetime.

I’ll do you a favor and embed below. Check out their site at A definite must have!

Tapâm - a flyfishing journey from tapamthemovie on Vimeo.

After some great BBQ, we were home to greet our weekend guests. We did end up doing some kid and family things on Saturday, but decided to head back up to Freeport Sunday to see some of the fishy things going on for the Spring Fishing Weekend. We were able to let the kids see the trout in the indoor pond, and even watch a few trout get caught for the catch and release part of the event.

We then headed off to the fly tying section, and had a MARVELOUS time with the guys from the Merrymeeting Bay chapter of Trout Unlimited. They had a section for teaching kids how to tie flies, and the gentleman that we had was phenomenal with the 4 year old of the group.

If you want to check them out, their website is

After a few hours of trout, and getting amped up for a season here in the North Woods, Amy and I cut out to get the pooch out of the house. We took him for a great coastal walk close by the apartment, and had a wonderful time exploring the islands. Still, the smell of salt water just doesn’t get old.

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend. Enjoy and we’ll see you all in a week…if not sooner…


Looking Over Falmouth From Island

Looking North

Maine Coast!

Which Way To Go...

Love The Ocean

Amy Walking Finn? Finn Walking Amy?

Life In The Shadows

Path Of Life?


Jeff said...

Went to Bean's on Sat. evening and hit Buck's BBQ on the way home. Tapam was pretty amazing. I liked the one with Brian O'Keefe bass fishing too. Lots of nice places to walk along the ocean.

The Mad Trouter said...

Totally Agree Jeff! Forgot to mention it, but that Alpine Bass film looked awesome!