Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Update

Well the good news is that I haven’t forgotten to cast…

I finally managed a morning of casting in this last weekend in CT. Not a banner day, but I was able to pull a strike on a dry and land a fish on a nymph in less then ideal conditions…and only about 2 hours of fishing.

Things started before sun up and gave the run a go with some streamers early in hopes of coaxing a nice big breeder into a tango session…apparently the high water had different plans.

Nymphing ended up being the ticket, and a dry/dropper set up coaxed one small brookie strike…but user error meant no taker…

Next weekend should be epic if the rains come in just right, and Schmidt’s able to make the trek North!


Up Stream



Down Stream


Shoreman said...

Very nice. got a little Fall color in there too.


mikeschmidt said...

good looking fish.

This weekend it is ON!